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Maile. (Pronounced, My-Lay)


Maile (pronounced *my lay* in Hawaiian) is a leaf that is often used in Hawaiian leis. A fresh maile lei symbolizes devotion, friendship, peace, love, and respect. In Hawaiian history, the maile lei was known as the lei of royalty. Just like the women we work with, we want them to see them selves as royalty as women worthy of love, respect and devotion.

At Maile, we are set out to empower and employ women from sex-exploited and uneducated backgrounds. By offering them a good job opportunity and a lasting hope for their future, we want to see them thrive again. By partnering with NGO's on the ground we are working to teach, educate, and train the women, not only for the job we give them, but also for their futures. We hope that Maile can be a part of helping them accomplish their own unique dreams.


As unlikely as it sounds, our Brand started out of the need to create jobs for woman that came out of desperate situations. Most of them, in an attempt at survival, began selling themselves or joining in criminal activities for money.  While traveling and living overseas we began to see the real need for solutions and opportunities for these women and families. We realized that a real tangible job would be a part of the solution for many of these woman. This is why we created Maile. At Maile, want to train these women to help create our hand made products. For them to be a part of the process. Paying them a fair salary that will support themselves, their children and even reaching into their extended families. Lack of education often prevents these women from obtaining a decent wage, forcing them to look for ways to make money by other means. This is one of the main reasons many of them end up selling themselves for money. They have been exploited in there desperate situations. We partner with an organization that helps women to live free, work good jobs, rehabilitate, get counseling and find refuge. We are so excited to start creating something that will empower them. To give them a voice and have them feel valued as a women. As you scroll through our site you will find different products where 100% of the funds will go back into the various projects that you can read more about on our website. Each product line will be attached to a different project in South East Asia. We want you to be part of our journey, not just buying our products, but by engaging and following the live's you are helping us to change. 




Katherine -  has worked for many years in Germany with victims out of human trafficking on one of the biggest red light districts in Europe. As she learned more about this dark, corrupted industry, she began to see patterns around the world and decided that she wanted to be a difference in helping to prevent more woman and children from being trafficked.

Lindsay - studied Apparel design at the Rhode Island School of design. She has always had a passion for humanitarian design and wants to use her skills in apparel design and development to improve the lives of women. She has interned in Rwanda and New York for social justice fashion companies, and worked for Arzu, a non profit rug company dedicated to improving the lives of women weavers in Afghanistan. She is passionate about creating quality, stand alone product, while at the same time seeing business impact social justice issues.

Our NGO Partner

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Unstoppable Love International is a Christian non-profit organization working to bring change in the world of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in S.E. Asia. Our vision is to reach out to women in the sex industry, loving them and helping them to see their value and worth; enabling them to find freedom, healing and new life in God.

Human trafficking is the worst form of organized crime. It is considered to be the fastest growing crime in the world. The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates its annual profit around $ 31 billion